GTT is the brainchild of Daniel and Alana Lowry, who have more than 20 years of combined experience in the fitness industry. They designed GTT with customer outcomes in mind.

Frustrated with the lack of accessibility to premium, but affordable, personal training (PT) in Tasmania, Dan and Alana wanted to create something where you get more for less. However, this does not mean they designed a service that compromised quality.

GTT offers a premium experience and a supportive community.

The philosophy of GTT is based on the assumption that if children can learn to swim together, adults can learn to become fit, strong and healthy together.

Studies show conclusively that people who exercise as part of a community are far more likely to achieve their goals. While team/group training is not for everyone (and for those few there is PT), it is a great option for 90% of the population.

GTT’s training programs are based on the wealth of knowledge Dan, Alana and their team has accumulated from more than two decades of combined investment in fitness education.

When you join GTT, you will work hard, but you will find a satisfaction that is worth the effort. The GTT team cares and will be honest with you. GTT will fight for what you want, even when you try to give up on yourself.


After becoming interested in exercise as a teen athlete in a number of sports, at the age of 18 Daniel moved onto a career in the Australian Army as a paratrooper. Following his training, Daniel was deployed on active service a number of times and enjoyed the mental and physical rigour that came with the realities of armed conflict.

The fascination with human performance Daniel developed during his time in active service inspired him to pursue a change of careers within the military, moving on from the Infantry to become a physical training instructor (PTI).

As an army PTI Daniel served in a diverse range of roles including recruit instructor, training support for Special Forces and as a trainer in clinical rehab. The ultimate objective of each role was to better prepare soldiers for the hard realities Daniel had experienced himself.

Never one to brush over a topic of interest, Daniel threw himself into learning everything there was to know about moving, eating and living a healthier and stronger life.

During this transition, Daniel undertook internships with a range of global leaders in the health and fitness industry. He has benefited from working under the guidance of Mark Buckley, Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin and Dan Baker, just to name a few.

Since leaving the military in 2006, Daniel has been involved in training and improving hundreds of peoples’ quality-of-life.

Daniel has worked as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach for professional athletes, personal training manager and as a leading educator of other personal trainers.

Daniel considers himself to be a product of the great mentors he has worked with and believes that it is his responsibility to share the invaluable knowledge he has to offer with all his clients.

Daniel has written a number of education courses and continues to mentor and develop fitness professionals. Daniel is an expert in strength and conditioning and is passionate about making exercise not only effective, but a lot of fun.

When training with Daniel you will soon realise that you are working with the best in the business.


A keen interest in health and science lead Alana on a career path to nursing. After five years of working in the hospital system, Alana realised she wanted to help people improve their health and strength in another, more active way.

A brief, but serious, scare with her own health motivated Alana to re-examine the way she was eating and training. Alana felt so inspired by the knowledge she gained while nursing herself back to health, she wanted to share it with as many people as she possibly could.

Alana went on to co-found a unique training and lifestyle studio in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. During her time there, Alana inspired hundreds of people to become as passionate about training and eating well as she is.

After more than 10 years in the holistic health and fitness industry, Alana’s passion, for helping clients discover how much potential lies within them, has only intensified.

Alana’s enthusiasm for her profession is infectious and evident in every personal and group training session she runs.

Alana believes that helping a client lose weight is easy- the challenge lies in empowering a client to take responsibility for their health and wellness, which will inevitably lead to them creating a lean, sexy and fit body..

It is this challenge that Alana finds extremely rewarding and, as she confesses, inspires her to get out of bed each morning.

After working with Alana it will be clear that she is one the most devoted people you will ever meet and is someone who is passionate about getting the results her clients are after.