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After becoming interested in exercise as a teen athlete in a number of sports, at the age of 18 Daniel moved onto a career in the Australian Army as a paratrooper. Following his training, Daniel was deployed on active service a number of times and enjoyed the mental and physical rigour that came with the realities of armed conflict.

Be Like Bill

When it comes to body transformations it’s hard to beat GTT client Bill Sparks. Bill came to us early in 2016 weighing in at well over 200kg, worried that he could drop dead any day. He was determined to take action and take action he did. Here’s a what Bill has to say about [...]

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Lifting Weights and Getting ‘Bulky’

As a Personal Trainer of over 10 years, and one that has trained many, many females with fat loss goals, you can bet that I’ve heard it all before. Women that come to me wanting to lose body fat. That have been trying unsuccessfully to do it on their own, but for some reason [...]

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SMASH Training Plateaus With Cluster Set Training

In the early days of any soundly designed strength training program things usually go pretty well. Muscle is put on, body fat is shed and the lifter gets much stronger. As time goes by things start to slow down though. The progress becomes much slower (if any progress is made at all that is). [...]

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Gymnastics Strength Training for Everybody!

Gymnasts are the most mobile athletes, and the second strongest athletes at the Olympic games (after Weightlifters). They exhibit amazing levels of relative strength (strength per unit of body weight, control, mobility and spacial awareness. Their training is rigorous and starts at an early age. The benefits of the gymnastics methodology are there for all [...]

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Are you training at a gym or a hair salon?

I love fitness. I love strength training. I love training my clients from a place of integrity, honesty and most of all scientific evidence. Watch this before reading I’ve invested huge sums of money into my education and learning from the best in the business (A process [...]

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Creating The Ultimate Combat Athlete, Part 1

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport on earth. It is also the ultimate sport for a Strength and Conditioning Coach like myself to work in. The strength, power and aerobic capacity required of the athlete is extremely challenging to program for. It is the ultimate test of a human being in [...]

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Foundation Principles of Health

A common thread of conversation that a PT has with their client often goes something like this: Client: “I’m not sleeping well/losing weight/recovering from training/having enough energy at work/able to fall pregnant/sex drive/have sore joints/can’t go to the toilet/get motivated for training etc., etc., etc.” Whilst the client would more often than not, prefer [...]

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Why Your 4,6,12 Week Challenge WILL FAIL!!!!

The fitness industry is awash with short term, high achievement promotions. 12 week body transformations, 21 Day Detox Diets, 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge, the list goes on and on. Whilst the intent of the gym/personal trainer making the offer is sound, there is an un-assumed fundamental that if not addressed will result [...]

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