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When it comes to body transformations it’s hard to beat GTT client Bill Sparks.

Bill came to us early in 2016 weighing in at well over 200kg, worried that he could drop dead any day. He was determined to take action and take action he did.

Here’s a what Bill has to say about his journey.

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. From about the age of 7-8 I was overweight. By the time I was 13 I was already 100 kgs.

After losing both parents at the age of 16, I slipped in to a long road of depression. Each year I got bigger and less happy. Just not caring about my life I binged on alcohol and crap food.

I got to the stage where I would look in the mirror and just hated myself and call myself names. 2015 I reached 210kgs, I felt so unhealthy and knew that I could die any day.

I didn’t want to go out and do anything. Everything was a struggle. I had to get my 54 kg girlfriend to help me up off the couch.

It was embarrassing.

I think every weekend for about 2 years I would say to myself…. ‘”On Monday I’m going to start getting healthy.”

By Wednesday I would be eating crap food and drinking again.

I joined zap and was going every day. I dropped a few kgs but then I would have groups of douche bags pay me out for being fat (I could still lift more than most of them though haha)

I was lucky enough to have gone to high school with Dan Lowry. I followed GTT on Facebook. I reached out to Dan for help and told him of my fears of being so over weight walking in to a gym. He reassured me GTT was different and if anyone gave me a hard time he would bounce them straight out the door.

Day one was nervous as hell. I somehow managed to make it through a transformation class without dropping dead. At the end of class people started coming up and giving me high fives and saying well done.

The first 3 or 4 months was a real struggle. My body and mind wanted to give up. My knees where giving up on my after years of being so heavy. I was getting half way through classes and thinking what was the point I’m always going to be fat.

Dan Lowry always said to me though,

“You will want to give up. You will also probably fall off the wagon at some point. It’s ok, you just need to know this and decide if you’ll be the guy that gets back up and keeps going, or gives up and goes back to who he used to be”.

Hearing this was really important as it took the pressure off me. It made me realise it was ok to fall, but then I had the choice to get back up.

The only thing that has kept me going is the amazing coaches and the other clients who offered me support each week. Without them don’t think I would of made it this far.

I never realised just how important a supportive community is.

I also didn’t realise how simple this process can be.

Each week I would listen to every little thing the coaches told me to do in and out of the gym. Each week I just chipped away at the years of abuse I had done to my body, focussing on what had to be done at each workout and each meal.

Then one day I woke up and I realised I loved coming to the gym.




I felt strong.

I had less aches and pains.

I felt like I had a future again.

In 10 months have lost over 55kgs and stacked on a lot of lean muscle mass.

It’s a long hard road but totally worth it. I feel amazing and happy. I definitely would not have been able to do it without the help and support of Dan Lowry and his team at GTT.

Bill has made us so god damn proud. What he has achieved is a great illustration of how to be a great client. All that we ever ask of our clients is that if they REALLY want to achieve what it is they say that they want to achieve, is to just do exactly what we tell them.

Bill has done exactly that and this is why he’s making such great progress.

There’s still a lot that Bill wants to achieve with his body and fitness and I have no doubt he will do so.

If you’ve got some big changes that you’d like to make, take Bills story and realise that if he can, so can you.

Be like Bill!

About the Author

Daniel Lowry

Daniel is a Strength & Conditioning expert and the Co-Founder of the gym concept GTT. He has been in the industry for 13 years, training a broad range of people from Army Special Forces to general populations. He has also worked with professional athletes, specifically in mixed Martial Arts. Daniel has worked with and learnt from the best of the best in the industry, names like Mark Buckley, Charles Poliquin, Dan Baker Phd, Gavin Heward and many more. Daniel considers himself a product of the great mentors he has learnt from.

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