Hobart’s Premier Bodybuilding Gym

Sculpting the best version of you. No matter what your weight, size or shape is, bodybuilding is a pursuit all can enjoy. It can help you be physically strong, toned and looking your very best. Whether you want to look good for a competition, for your partner or just for yourself, bodybuilding is a great pursuit.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on what you should do to look your best, but trust the experts at GTT to guide you on the path to looking amazing. We have the experience and qualifications to know exactly what you need to sculpt your body into something amazing. Don’t waste time on gyms that limit your process because of bad advice and shoddy equipment, find out how bodybuilding could transform how you see yourself with GTT!

How can bodybuilding transform my life?

You don’t have to become like Arnold Schwarzenegger to enjoy bodybuilding. Whether you’re male or female, improving your musculature can be a pursuit anyone can enjoy. Be it through pumping iron, doing a pull up or toning on a treadmill, bodybuilding is perfect for any one at any life stage. Some of the benefits included greater cardiovascular health, improved energy levels as well as the self confidence that comes from looking your very best. Take body building seriously at an elite level? We can help you train for your next comp and get your body looking the best it can. Our team have years of experience and, with our state of the art equipment, we can help transform your training regimen.

Mould your body into something fantastic

We are all about bodybuilding at GTT and want you to look your best while training in our Hobart CBD facility. Make an enquiry on 0488 003 089 to find out how you can optimize your workout and look the best you can!