Tools of the Gym – Resistance bands

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile tools in the gym. There are 3 main uses for training with bands: 1.Providing accommodating resistance (makes barbell movements more effective). Like chains, bands can be used to make certain barbell exercises more effective by providing ‘accommodating resistance.’ This means that the bands increase the load at [...]

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Bodybuilding for weight loss?

So…….. can it be done or will you just turn an already overweight person into a more overweight person who’s fat-muscly? In short, yes, absolutely, it CAN be done. In fact, I’ll go as far to say that while there’s more than one way to skin the cat, this is without doubt my [...]

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The Body Achieves What The Mind Commits To!

The Body Achieves What The Mind Commits To! When Carly truly decided it was time to stop dabbling and fully commit, her whole life changed. This is not an unusual story. Trying, doing a bit or just going through the motions will get you nowhere. Carly was and is proof of [...]

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Matt Hill

Matt Hill, proof that at any moment, a single decision can change the course of your life! I’m often struck by how often people can be ‘doing the thing’ that’s really going to change them if they stick at it for a long enough time frame. Problem is though, they can’t [...]

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How to Lose the Muffin Top

How to Lose the Muffin Top Muffin top, love handles, belly fat. No matter what you call it, we don’t want it. If there’s one thing EVERYONE does want, it is to have lean abdominals Can it be done? Yes, it can, but only if you adopt a well-orchestrated and holistic [...]

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The Best Training For Fat Loss

When it comes to the best kind of training for fat loss, it’s hard to go past metabolic weight training.It is a method of weight training based around performing large multi joint movements (squats, presses, lunges, pulls and pushes), coupled with moderate rep ranges and short rests.When we perform these movements in the presence of [...]

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Some of The Other, Other Stuff You Need For Fat-Loss 

GTT Co- Founder Alana Lowry's inside tips on what it takes to get a lean, athletic physique.   Firstly, if you're not getting your nutrition right, then it's very hard to make significant progress. They say you can't out train a bad diet…. I don't believe this is 100% true as you can, most people [...]

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