Tools of the gym – The Nautilus Glute Drive

We now have an AWESOME tool for glute isolation and development, the Nautilus Glute Drive!!! Glute development is VERY IMPORTANT for the following major reasons: Postural improvements Injury prevention Improved athleticism, strength & power BIGGER BOOTY Horizontally loaded hip extension exercises (like the glute drive) are superior to axially loaded exercises (like squats and deadlifts) [...]

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Five Different Bench Presses

Mid Grip Guillotine Press Whilst bench pressing isn’t necessarily the best activity for building the Pecs, it’ll certainly make you strong. It can be made better for building pecs with a few little adjustments. This example is just one of those. Instead of lowering the bar to the base of the sternum, start with a [...]

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Tools of the Gym – Resistance bands

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile tools in the gym. There are 3 main uses for training with bands: 1.Providing accommodating resistance (makes barbell movements more effective). Like chains, bands can be used to make certain barbell exercises more effective by providing ‘accommodating resistance.’ This means that the bands increase the load at [...]

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The Science of Training Biceps

There is no such thing as ‘the best exercise’ for any particular muscle group. Any one exercise is only effective as long as it provides the body with an effective training stimulus. Unfortunately, after an amount of time (generally between 2-6 workouts), the body accommodates (resists further improvement) to an exercise. In addition, the joints [...]

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Pro Tips For Building Muscle

Building muscle. It’s the holy grail of male training. It’s also extremely beneficial for women, especially if they want to be strong, lose body fat or just look smoking hot (so yeah, all of you). Whilst this is not an exhaustive review on the topic, it is a good rule book to play by. [...]

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