Revolutionary CrossFit Training Programs In Hobart

Everyone has heard of CrossFit. Whether you have seen it on TV or seen it online, many people are raving about the great fitness benefits of this training regime. We at GTT love CrossFit as much as you will and want to show you how your body can transform through this amazing training program. Find out about how we can start you on the revolutionary CrossFit program now and get the body that you’ve always wanted!

We are trainers are experts in CrossFit and know the right methods to get you achieving the best results you can! If you want professional service and training, GTT is here to help.

Find out what all the hype is about!

Every man and his dog has heard of CrossFit, but what exactly is it? Well, there is a variety of exercises that go into CrossFit, but generally it can be defined as a high intensity fitness workout. This form of exercise combines elements of weightlifting, strength and condition training as well as many more to provide a full body workout. Whether you want to train as part of a group or by yourself, we can teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit and have you performing at your peak sooner.

Our great facilities and expert staff separate us from other CrossFit gyms in Hobart. We challenge you to come in and experience the difference! We push you to go harder and reach your individual best.  and start a conversation with GTT

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The road to better fitness begins with you. Take a forward step towards greater health and improved strength and fitness with GTT. Contact us now on 0488 003 089. We have CrossFit instructors that can help you and get you looking and feeling amazing!