Mid Grip Guillotine Press

Whilst bench pressing isn’t necessarily the best activity for building the Pecs, it’ll certainly make you strong. It can be made better for building pecs with a few little adjustments. This example is just one of those. Instead of lowering the bar to the base of the sternum, start with a wider grip and lower high on the chest. This will put a bigger stretch on the chest and ensure more breakdown and damage of the muscle tissue. Just be careful not to do this with maximal weights as it can lead to pec tears at high intensity. I like to do sets of 8-12 (with an easy weight) at the end of a workout. Be aware that the wider you take the grip, the harder it can be on the shoulder joint.


Curved Bar Bench Press

The curvature of this car is great for increasing relative range of motion at the shoulder joint whilst still allowing you to use a conventional bar path. Always a good one for finding some soreness if you’ve hit a plateau with training your chest. You can add an extra half rep at the bottom of each rep for increased stimulus.


Cambered Bar Bench Press

This is great for breaking through plateaus as it creates increased demand for the stabilisers. It’s also a great lift for anyone that plays grappling or tackling sports.


Iso Hold Bench

This is a great technique for overcoming sticking points that I first got from following the work of US Strength Coach Josh Bryant. Simply set the pins at or about the point where you fail at maximal loads. Press hard and tight against the pins for 4-6 seconds, rest two minutes then do three reps as explosively as possible with 70-75% of your 1RM on a standard bench press. Repeat this cycle 3 times (six sets total, three on each).


Neutral Grip Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

A much under used lift that is extremely effective in targeting the Pectoralis Major. The angle of the bench will move the emphasis there from the anterior delts and pec minor, Dumbbells give the ability to increase the ROM. This is also a good option for people with bad shoulders.