Find the best gym in the Hobart CBD

GTT started with a mission.

That mission was to build the best strength, transformation and fitness facility in Tasmania.

Only problem was that, in the early days, we had no money. So, we worked with what we had, knowledge and expertise. We got results. We used our initiative and offered the best training we could.

We slowly built our equipment offering and saved our money.

Our progress and determination

Three and a half years later and we’re now in a position to build and offer what will be the premium facility of its kind. Our facility is not like other gyms in the greater Hobart area, we always offer the best equipment and personal training services for you in the heart of the CBD. This gym will be designed with your workout in mind. Getting on the equipment you need. Having enough weights and all the tools to get the job done.

Premium Dumbbells from Watson.

Bars and Plates from Eleiko.

Racks and Weight machines from Atlantis.

Performance Cardio equipment with a focus on shredding body fat and increasing fitness, not on pointlessly watching TV while you pretend to work.

Our difference

This gym is different.

It is designed for YOUR results.

It is a place of purpose and with a purpose for everything!

Contact us to find out more

So don’t wait around and keep putting off your personal goals until tomorrow. Take action today and let us show you how we can help make your fitness dream a reality. Become more fit, happy and motivated as an individual when you join our accommodating and friendly community. We are here to support each other.

We look forward to welcoming you to GTT soon. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and move one step closer to achieving your personal goals. You can call us on 0408 628 278 or email us at to speak to one of our friendly staff who are always happy to help with any questions you may have.

Dan Lowry
GTT Performance Centre