Gymnasts are the most mobile athletes, and the second strongest athletes at the Olympic games (after Weightlifters).

They exhibit amazing levels of relative strength (strength per unit of body weight, control, mobility and spacial awareness.

Their training is rigorous and starts at an early age.

The benefits of the gymnastics methodology are there for all to enjoy though, not just those that are born into it.

You don’t ever need to actually be able to do an Iron Cross, Back-Flip or an aerobatic routine on the uneven bars.


The regressions, training drills and stretches needed to build up to one day attempting these feats, will do you a lot of good regardless of your current fitness level (and even if you never end up any good at Gymnastics).

The Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries understood this and had a system that was implemented into the school system, developing healthy bodies and great athletes (even if they weren’t Olympians or Gymnasts).

It is fair to say that gymnastics based training will produce better humans, regardless of what they need to do in their day to day lives.


The Table Top exercise stretches the bicep tendon and helps to improve shoulder function.

The Thoracic Bridge is an excellent mobility activity for improving the health of the thoracic spine, which in turn improves shoulder health, breathing mechanics and energy levels.

Rope climbing will build amazing levels of upper body strength, particularly in the arms.

Handstands are a great way to build upper body strength and ‘injury proof’ the shoulder.

Jefferson Curls will strengthen the ligamentous system of the spine. When done with slow increases in weight over a long period of time, you will become far less likely to ever injure your back.

L-Holds and the regressions of, will build abs like steel.

So, as you can see, you don’t need to be good at gymnastics to get the benefits of it. Every week at GTT we have a dedicated session on our timetable where we follow the stretching and strengthening protocols that are designed to help you improve in this discipline.

Our members report old injuries disappearing and a general sense of feeling and moving better.

It’s great fun and turns your exercise program into a more playful experience.

No matter if you’re a desk worker or a bodybuilder, Strength Gymnastics Training will have you moving your body with a higher level of skill, ease and proficiency.

About the Author

Daniel Lowry

Daniel is a Strength & Conditioning expert and the Co-Founder of the gym concept GTT. He has been in the industry for 13 years, training a broad range of people from Army Special Forces to general populations. He has also worked with professional athletes, specifically in mixed Martial Arts. Daniel has worked with and learnt from the best of the best in the industry, names like Mark Buckley, Charles Poliquin, Dan Baker Phd, Gavin Heward and many more. Daniel considers himself a product of the great mentors he has learnt from.

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