It’s pretty common place for Gym and Studio owners to over inflate just how good their facility or space really is. Tags like ‘Best gym’, Amazing Facility’ or even ‘World Class Set Up’ being loosely thrown around. This can make it genuinely challenging for the consumer to make a discerning choice on where to begin.

While the motivation of the business owner is always unbridled enthusiasm for their trade and business (which is great), the reality is they are rarely able to match the claims being made.

What really constitutes a world class fitness and strength training facility or even just a great gym? Well, apart from the quality of coaching and service (which is always a critical component in you achieving your goals), it comes down to the apparatus on offer.

While the generic 24-hour gyms have done a great thing in offering a low-cost product that allows nearly anyone to afford a gym membership, the equipment on offer falls drastically short. There’s also a total lack of support with most only offering 2-3 hours of staffed presence per day (if that). There’s also lots of redundant equipment that you don’t need, and not enough of what you do.

Life is but a series of opportunities and each day we have such an opportunity to exercise in a way that actually achieves something for your health.


Don’t waste that opportunity, what you do REALLY matters.

It’s also worth knowing that even if you aren’t an experienced trainee, you’ll benefit greatly from training in a facility with higher quality equipment and set up.

It’s one thing to be a great tradie, but you’ll be EVEN better if you have all the best tools!

For General Populations just looking to improve their fitness and health. This is the consumer who most often gets hoodwinked. Fitness fads, bad advice and training environments that set them up to fail due to a lack of support is very common. To make the most from your daily training opportunity, you’ll need to make the most of your time in the gym, what you do matters!

A mix of free weights (to improve strength, joint mechanics, nervous system development and movement quality), machine weights (to change muscle physiology, increase lean tissue, improve body composition) and energy system work (to burn body fat) is where it’s at.

Knowing what to do, how much to do and when to do it will lead to drastic improvements in your health and physique with as little as 45 mins per day.

At GTT we not only have the required equipment to facilitate this scope of training, but coaching, structure and support to show you how. Our Team Training program has been hugely popular over the years for doing just this.

For Powerlifting, you are going to need quality Bars, Plates, Power Racks and Weight Machines for the all important accessory work. Many people are surprised by just how important this stuff is. Once you’ve trained with high-quality equipment and then go back to generic, low-cost weights, you’ll notice the difference. We’ve gone with the full range of Powerlifting Bars and Plates from Eleiko. We’ll also have the very versatile Poliquin Rack from Atlantis for squatting, rack pulls and pin presses (it also has pulled up and band attachments).

For a Bodybuilder/Physique Athlete or somebody that just wants to be in awesome shape, you are going to need all the same great pieces of free weights, but with somewhat more of a focus towards the machines for creating the biochemical environment in the muscle for growth. Do the heavy lifting with the free weights, then smash out a brutal pump with machines that require less control.

For both the free weight AND machine component of your training, variety and quality of equipment is paramount. You want to be able to hit every single muscle fibre and from every single angle. We have a full array of machines, free weights and speciality implements from the world’s leading brands. Atlantis machines, Watson Dumbbells and speciality bars, Eleiko bars and plates.

For a Weightlifter it’s ALL about the quality of the Bar, Plates and Lifting Platform

For Strength-Sport Athletes (Strongman, Crossfit or any other sport where strength is important), it’s going to be a combination of all of the above, plus other speciality pieces of equipment.

Farmers Walk Handles


Strongman Yoke and even performance cardio equipment like curved treadmills, Ski Ergs, Assualt bikes and Rowers.

The good news is that there is just this kind of facility in Hobart. It has the widest range of quality bars, plates, weight machines and speciality strength equipment in Hobart.

It’s not only the best-equipped gym in Hobart, but one of the best in the country.

Gym goers of Hobart have been screaming out for something like this for years.

Now, it is finally here!

To find out more about training at the new GTT Performance Centre, please fill in your details below.


Dan Lowry


GTT Performance Centre