Quality Kingston Gym and Fitness Centre

When GTT was first established, we had a mission to build a facility that advocated for fitness, strength and transformation. Since then, we have built a sophisticated boutique gym that we believe offers the best service to our customers in Kingston, with high quality personal trainers, fitness classes and group training programs.

We believe in empowering others to achieve their dreams and better themselves using our services. Be part of the transformation by priotiristing your fitness and dedicating yourself to working hard towards your personal goals. Work with the best in the business at our state of the art facility. Learn more about us and the team at GTT today.

Apply yourself and see strong results

Achieving a high level of fitness is just as much about your mental strength as it is about your physical abilities. Be inspired and guided by our highly qualified and skilled personal trainers who have extensive industry experience. Daniel and Alana Lowry, the founders of GTT, have more than 20 years of combined experience in the fitness industry and they have designed their fitness centre in Kingston with customer priorities and outcomes in mind.

Creating a routine is the first step towards motivating yourself to reach your fitness goals as you are putting a plan in place to follow and creating a pattern of behavior for yourself. Our personal training programs are results driven and can be tailored to your individual needs and fitness levels so you will receive a customised workout plan.

Get started today

Why not contact us today to get your fitness journey started and begin achieving those goals using our superior facilities. Experts in the industry, we can help you with any questions or concerns you might have and help you select the program and type of training that is right for you and the outcomes you wish to see.

Call us today on 0488 003 089 or you can alternatively email us at info@gtt.com.au. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have on our premium gym facilities or training services. You can also check out our blog here to read about the latest in health and fitness.