Matt Hill, proof that at any moment, a single decision can change the course of your life!

I’m often struck by how often people can be ‘doing the thing’ that’s really going to change them if they stick at it for a long enough time frame. Problem is though, they can’t see that they’re ‘doing the thing’, and they all too easily give up.

Matt Hill IS NOT one of those people.

He started with GTT back in our original premises at the old Sandy Bay Scout Hall on King St. Now I’ve got to be honest, during his first session when he couldn’t make it through the warm up, I thought the odds of him sticking at it were pretty slim.

But, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year, Matt has chipped away at it and achieved great things. He really is the perfect example of how the small daily disciplines, will add up to something significant over the long term.

Dan Lowry, Co-Founder, GTT.


Testimonial; I continuously struggled with my weight throughout my late teens and early to mid 20’s, especially following my second knee operation in 2008. Following this operation I became quite protective of ‘my weak knee’ and therefore participated in less physical activity.

I would wastefully pay joining and ongoing participation fees, without really participating. I recall paying a high joining fee for karate and only going on 3 occasions. I would only occasionally attend a gym, but self-motivation to workout was difficult. The pressures of work led to unhealthy eating and sleeping patterns. This combined with my fear of hurting my knee and my recently discovered food allergy led to my weight ‘blowing out to 105kg’ in 2013.

I recall socializing even less due to this weight gain. This, however, would all change for the better when during September 2013, my caring wife ‘dragged’ me to GTT. Rolling out of bed at 4.50 am for a 45-minute drive to a 6 am class was unpleasant at first. I had many thoughts of quitting as I certainly did not enjoy the training with a weak knee and I was embarrassed by my weight and lack of fitness.

I was so embarrassed that I opted not to have an initial body fat test. Despite my fears, lack of athleticism and sheer embarrassment, I’ve continued in the Team Training program uninterrupted since late 2013 (apart from a few short holidays). Initially from 1-2 days of training to 4-5 days and eventually now 5-6 days per week of training.

Some great early examples and personal milestones have been losing a total of ’20kg’ and dropping to under ‘20% body fat’ during July 2014, completing (walking) the 2014 Point to Pinnacle (‘the world’s toughest half marathon’), but the recent milestones even ‘out ‘weighs’ all of those. In April 2016, following a visit to my knee specialist, I officially said goodbye to the knee brace.

Up until then, I had worn e a knee brace since my late teens. The weight loss and muscle building achieved at GTT pretty much cured the issue. By August 2016, I had lost a further 7kg, 15cm from my waist and was wearing size medium or small shirts (I wore Xl or 2Xl shirts prior to 2014), which was beyond my previous goal. This is a weight that I now comfortably maintain with ease.

During 2016, I even discovered that I enjoy running (it feels so strange saying that), and I completed all major Tasmanian 5-10km fun runs. I look, move and eat so differently now, which is why I dislike seeing some photos and footage of myself prior to 2014. But I can’t deny that these photos and footage do visually show a positive story of how far I’ve come.

It’s been a journey and my journey has certainly been noticed by family and friends, work colleagues/clients and members of the communities that I work and live in.

My journey has even inspired other individuals to improve their health and well-being. I acknowledge that my journey proves that consistent and intense training combined with good nutrition equals results. I can not thank the GTT coaches and the GTT members enough for their ongoing support.

Matt Hill

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