SELF-MOTIVATION is one of those enviable qualities that is possessed by approximately 0.0001% of the population.

Or, so it can often seem.

Who are these people who climb Mount Everest or walk the Kadoka Track? It’s even hard to understand those who are able to pull themselves out of bed at 5.15 on a freezing winter morning to walk the dog!

People seem to shy away from exercise because they see those who have the drive to work out as “the extreme,” or the exception.

Have you ever thought, “I’m just not the fitness type, exercising is really not my thing.”?

Well, the reality is self-motivated exercise is not most people’s “thing.”

There are not many activities in life that are harder than making yourself go for a run or turning up to a gym to lift some free weights on your own.

Those who do this have usually been exercising on a regular basis for years and have built the confidence to do it by themselves or they posses the “no-bullshit/no procrastination” gene, which just cannot be taught.

To remedy this, people often join gyms that run ‘spin,’ ‘step’ or ‘pump’ classes, hoping that the group environment will inspire them.

What they usually learn, however, is that there is still a massive amount of self-motivation required… We’ve all been there turning down the setting when we’re meant to be turning it up during a cycle class.

Small group personal training, or “Team training” as it’s known at GTT Performance Centre in Hobart, is different.

Team training is eponymous to its structure – members complete strength, aerobic, mobility and high intensity workouts in partners or teams.

The classes have been designed in recognition that if children can learn to swim together, adults can learn to become fit, strong and healthy together.

“GTT offered one of, if not the first, functional Team Training services in Hobart when it opened in October 2013,” GTT Performance Centre director Dan Lowry said.

“Since then a few other gyms have integrated small group training into their timetables, but not to the standard of GTT.”

“Team training is GTT’s bread and butter (gluten free bread of course)”

“It is our speciality. We provide our clients with a program that is specifically designed to have the biggest impact possible on changing how their bodies look, work and move.”

“It is an adaptation of the model of group training I was formally trained in delivering as an Australian Army Physical Training Instructor”.

“This model of group training which is a science in itself, combined with what I’ve learnt from some of the best fitness authorities on the globe, combines to create what is without doubt the best group training experience you’ll ever have.”

Dan said the phenomenal results hundreds of people had achieved from GTT’s team training was only partly due to its high-level programming designed by the state’s leading personal trainers.

“The main reason people achieve such great results is because they don’t have time to think, which may sound strange,” Dan said.

“Where many people fall down is that they have the motivation to get to the gym, once they’re there though, they simply have no idea on what to do. This leads to a cycle of minimal action, minimal results and minimal faith in one’s ability as a result.”

“On the other side of the coin, when somebody does our Team Training program, they work harder than they would on their own, get better and faster results, see those results and become more inspired to train harder. It’s a cycle of positive confirmation that has a profound effect on one’s motivation.”

“Of course a bit of self-motivation is required to transport yourself to GTT, but once you’re there no planning or thinking required. The high level of guidance you receive throughout a session doesn’t give you a chance to slack off.

“All our members need to do is find 45 minutes in their day to walk in the door, do what we say and leave their fitness in the trusted hands of the professionals.”

Dan said as well as members being guided by the expert instructors, the guiding nature of GTT’s team training community was what set it apart from other gyms.

“We have a rigorous standard of ongoing education for our instructors and we insist on a culture of excellence”.

“We’ve got a great vibe in the gym too Everyone looks after each other before, during and after class – there are no egos and no pretentiousness” he said.

“Throughout each class we encourage, motivate and cheer each other on. It’s always good fun.”

“Whether it’s your first class or your hundredth class, you will get a level of support that you won’t find anywhere else.”

“GTT is one big happy (and sweaty) family.”

GTT is located at 86 Collins Street in Hobart.

If you would like to learn more about GTT’s team training, personal training or premium gym facilities phone 0488 003 089.