Quality Personal Trainers in Hobart

For those who want the ultimate individual service and focus, we provide a personal training service at GTT which is second to none in the Hobart CBD area. It can be hard to find a good personal trainer you trust and respect, but you can be assured that at GTT we only hire the best and most qualified PTs for our clients. Your delegated personal trainer will have your best interests at heart and push you to work hard to achieve your goals.

You will be amazed at the results and at how far you can push yourself with a bit of focus and dedication. Personal fitness is about mind over matter, and your personal trainer will keep you motivated and focused on your end goal.

One-on-one personalised attention

Our personal training is for those who want the ultimate individual service and focus to achieve their fitness goals. Sometimes, having a one of one training session can be more effective for you, so you can be shown specific training techniques that suit your fitness level and will help you achieve the result you are after.

If you are after specific individualised attention, focus, accountability and understanding, personal training (PT) is the most appropriate fitness option for you. When you sign up for a personal trainer, you will receive unwavering attention and a specific program will be developed for you in order to achieve your goals as set out in your primary consultation.  We also offer group personal training sessions, so if you need a trainer in Hobart’s CBD and love being part of a group setting then we can help you.

Get started on your fitness goals today

With Hobart’s best PTs working within our walls, we thought it would be cruel to not share their one-on-one personal training services. GTT’s Personal Training program is a premium product, please be prepared to pay accordingly. We are the experts and you can be sure you’ll receive the best customer service at GTT.

Contact us today to organise a consultation and move one step closer to achieving your personal goals. You can call us on 0408 628 278 or email us at info@gtt.com.au