GTT Co- Founder Alana Lowry’s inside tips on what it takes to get a lean, athletic physique.


Firstly, if you’re not getting your nutrition right, then it’s very hard to make significant progress.

They say you can’t out train a bad diet…. I don’t believe this is 100% true as you can, most people just aren’t prepared to pay that price (double training days and hard training at that).

If you don’t have the time, energy or inclination to pay such a price, you’ll need to pay close attention to your food.

Often people will be doing a lot of stuff right and still not seeing changes on the scales or in their physique. This is particularly the case for females who as a general rule, will have more trouble making things move.

In my 10 years’ experience, the thing I see quite often is that a lot of these women are doing more right than wrong, there’s just a few things that are blocking their progress.

If you’re doing all the right stuff with your training and nutrition, here are some other things that are really important and are often overlooked.

1. Track your numbers. Lots of people say they eat well and they often do. The thing is though they’re just taking in way more energy than they burn. Tracking on MyfitnessPal, skipping a meal here and there or implementing some Intermittent Fasting can all be useful. You’ll need to play around and find what works for you though. Different approaches work for different people.

2. Sleep. If you’re not seeing results and you don’t consistently get your 7-8 hours, then this is your first area to address. Turn your screens off a couple of hours before bed and avoid bright lights. Supplementation can also be very useful here. I have a mix that I use but for best results, consult with a Naturopath who can best assess your needs.

3. Less ‘InstaEnvy’ of others and more appreciation for yourself. Whilst you may not quite be where you want to be, the curse of jealousy will likely lead to bad choices. Think instead about what you are happy with and why you deserve to achieve your goals. Meditate on this daily to stay in alignment and then work your plan. As soon as you feel your thoughts shifting to the negative, look for something about yourself or your life that you like. Being in a good head-space for good health starts with taking responsibility for our thoughts.

4. Micronutrients. Being deficient in micronutrients or minerals can have an adverse effect on a number of different areas of physiology. This can lead to feelings of lethargy and fatigue leading to an urge to eat. I like to get these all important little guys from a wide range of whole foods. I also have a very targeted supplement regime to optimize the levels of key micronutrients for my needs (Vit C, B, D, Curcumin Phytosome, Krill Oil and a few others. Supplementation can also be extremely helpful for sleep.