Group Training Sessions in Hobart, CBD

At GTT, our signature program is specifically designed to have the biggest impact possible on changing how your body looks, works and moves. It is a well-known fact that to achieve great results, you need to be working with a PT 4-6 times per week. However, this can become VERY expensive one-on-one.

When designing our business model, our number one priority was to help more people access the personal training (PT) experience but without the price tag.

Achieving our own personal goals

So how did we do this? The answer is Team Training. Our personal trainers run Team Training sessions six-times-a-day from Monday to Friday and three-times-a-day on Saturday in the Hobart CBD. Each day there is a different workout focusing on a different energy system. This allows you to experience a range of different workouts.
Team training allows you to access every aspect of fitness. From Strength, to Aerobic, to Mobility and Work Capacity. The beauty of Team Training is that you can train six-days-a-week for less than the cost of just one single PT session!

No thinking.

No planning.

Just walk in the door and do what we say.

Everybody that follows this system without question sees enormous change! Why not try it for yourself today and see the results first hand.

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We are the experts in performance and are here to support you in your training, nutrition and fitness education. At GTT, we pride ourselves on always providing the highest level of customer service and work hard together with our clients to help them achieve their goals through carefully constructed fitness plans. Group training is a great way to get fit together and stay motivated by others around you as you support each other on your individual fitness journeys. 

If you’re thinking that our group training sessions could be right for you, why not get in touch today? Contact us to find out more about our offerings and affordable rates. Call us today on 0408 628 278 to speak to one of our friendly staff or you can also email us at