We now have an AWESOME tool for glute isolation and development, the Nautilus Glute Drive!!!

Glute development is VERY IMPORTANT for the following major reasons:

  1. Postural improvements
  2. Injury prevention
  3. Improved athleticism, strength & power

Horizontally loaded hip extension exercises (like the glute drive) are superior to axially loaded exercises (like squats and deadlifts) for training the glutes because there is MAXIMUM TENSION placed on the glutes as the hips go into 15 degrees of hyperextension at the top of a the hip thrust.

When you move a weight upwards with maximal force axially (such as in squats and deadlifts), your glutes aren’t activated nearly as much as with moving a weight horizontally (like with hip thrusts).

In addition, during horizontally loaded bent-knee exercises (hip thrusts), the upper glutes are worked as well as the lower glutes, and peak glute activation is achieved because the bent-knee position decreases hamstring involvement and forces the glutes to pick up the slack.

However, it is important to note that squats and deadlifts are still of value for complete glute development because squats stimulate the glutes in their stretched position and deadlifts stimulate the glutes in their mid-range position. (Hip thrust stimulate the glutes in their shortened, or contracted position, where they are strongest.)

Also, exercises should be cycled within a good training program (normally every 4-6 weeks) to access other muscle fibres and stimulate muscles groups from different angles. This makes squats, deadlifts AND the glute drive of equal value for building optimal and balanced glute strength.

The Nautilus Glute Drive makes loaded hip thrusts simpler, safer, and easier to perform with good form than with a barbell, as it is more comfortable and less awkward than a barbell/box system, is far less hassle to setup, and is superior for glute development because it accommodates the strength curve (makes each rep hard all the way up, not just at the top, like with a barbell.)