The Body Achieves What The Mind Commits To!

When Carly truly decided it was time to stop dabbling and fully commit, her whole life changed. This is not an unusual story. Trying, doing a bit or just going through the motions will get you nowhere. Carly was and is proof of this. After training for a while for not much return, she decided it was time to step up, and when she did, her results were profound!

Read more from Carly below;

My journey so far has not been an easy one, but looking back now I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved in 18 months. I feel amazing! I’ve lost 33kg in weight and a total of 60 cm from my hips and waist!

Maybe even more important, is the bucket load of respect and confidence that I’ve gained within myself. I’ve done exactly what I wanted – slowly and steadily achieving my new lifestyle.

I suffered depression and severe anxiety 3 years ago, and was binge and comfort eating like there was no tomorrow. I quit my career as a chef, I was taking prescribed medication and in a complete zombie state. The weight gain was steady and consistent, yet I was unable to see what state I was in.

About 2 years ago, I got a random call from Ben Hamlett in the middle of an anxiety attack.

“Hi, it’s Ben from GTT here, and I’m calling to get you back to the gym”.

With hesitation and fear I agreed to return with MAJOR concerns wondering what the hell I was doing there and heavily doubting my capabilities.

I jumped on the scales and my heart sank … I was 129kg. The heaviest, unhealthiest and saddest I’d ever been in my whole life. I persisted with the gym and chipped away at it. To be honest, it was a half-arsed effort and yes, I lost a few kilos but I wanted more.
My passion and desire to be a better, happier, healthier me kicked in. After a year of stumbling at the gym, Alana Lowry, the gym owner approached me with her Food Coaching Program (FCP). I picked up my big girl undies and said let’s do this!!

I started training consistently and with way more effort. I also kicked my medication and started eating a balanced diet with appropriate macros from Alana through FCP. The centimeters started dropping and scales started to move!

This fueled my dedication and passion further. Not only were these changes resulting in weight/cm loss, but my anxiety decreased and my depression disappeared. It was a big learning curve with FCP and it took a few months to get my head around macros, and how to develop a healthy routine away from my old binging habits.

I was still able to eat all the foods I loved, I just needed to treat them and myself with respect and be reasonable with my choices. It’s been a rough rocky road with ups and downs, and there are still days where I feel I want to give up but I don’t. I get up, prepare my food for the day and still smash out a session at the gym.

I can finally look at myself in the mirror and smile – wow who is this girl?!

Yes, I am all over this! It feels so good to be happy in my own skin with the desire to still chase more.

My confidence grows more every day and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Daniel, Alana and the beautiful trainers at GTT.
I don’t know where I’d be or what kind of state I’d be in if I didn’t get that random call from Ben Hamlett getting me back to the gym, and the amazing community within the gym too. This is not a quick fix it for me. It is a new lifestyle and there’s no looking back.

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