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Being strong and powerful isn’t beyond your reach. Whether you need it for your job, your look or just because you want to feel better in your body, lifting can be the perfect solution to tightening and strengthening your body. Whatever your style, the team at GTT can help. We are one of Hobarts favourite lifting locations and our client’s great results speak for themselves. Other gyms may promise great programs for your lifting needs but underdeliver don’t let this happen to you. At GTT, we have experienced staff and a range of equipment that can help you get strong and look your best!

Do you even lift bro?

Whether you are male or female, taking up power or weightlifting at the gym can be one of the best ways to improve your body’s strength. The main difference between these two forms of workout is the technique you use during the lifting phases. Despite this difference, both forms are incredibly valuable to your health no matter which you choose. At GTT, we know that you need a program that is suited to your individual fitness goals. That’s why we want to talk to you about which form of lifting is right for you, so you can achieve the best possible gains from working out. Start a conversation with us now and find out what powerlifting and weightlifting can offer to you.

We want to help you

No matter your gender or your fitness goals there is a lifting program that we can design that is right for you. We offer group classes as well as PT sessions so you can get a workout routine that is perfect for your individual requirements. Call us now on 0488 003 089 to discuss how we can best help you with your fitness needs!